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If a woman is looking for her daughter's sperm donor ...

She looked for the sperm donor and found the great love!
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... and find the love of her life!

This woman is looking for the sperm donor of her daughter and finds the love of her life. But before the happy ending, she experienced a serious tragedy.

When you hear about Aminah Hart's life today, it sounds like a story from a storybook. Within the last few weeks, the happy mother has received countless press inquiries and fan letters. Now her life should even serve as the basis for a screenplay. Working Title Films, the production company Bridget Jones has released, wants to make Aminah Hart the protagonist of a new movie. But where does all the glory come from?

It all started the day the young woman went to find her daughter's sperm donor. A year before, she gave birth to a healthy girl thanks to an anonymous donor.

In fact, the woman quickly comes up with a name: Scott Anderson is the father of her daughter and agrees to meet. But then the unbelievable happens, what Aminah Hart unexpectedly proclaims popularity: The young mother falls in love with the sperm donor of her daughter. Today the three are a little happy family traveling around the world. Aminah Hart and Scott Anderson even want to marry.

But even the seemingly perfect love story has a dark side. What is forgotten in all the media hype is a tragic past. Aminah Hart was already pregnant before her daughter. Two sons already gave birth to her, both children died. The mother has to realize that she carries a rare genetic defect that only affects boys, but not girls. Finally, Aminah Hart, with a donation of sperm, ventured a fortunately successful attempt to become a mother.

Aminah Hart has not given up. Today she is a happy mother, soon to be a wife and who knows, maybe even a movie character? Maybe we can admire her incredible story soon in the cinema.

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