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What your colleagues really think about you

Is the smile real? Or does not she really like me?
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The behavior of our colleagues is sometimes strange and ambiguous

"What did the colleague mean by that? Does she think I'm stupid?" What is behind the typical misunderstandings - and how do you deal with them?

  • The colleague takes care of my duties without being asked. Does she want to cut me out?

Typical Situation: Your colleague makes decisions beyond your head and does tasks that are not in your area, without asking.

Kopfkino: Will she steal my job?

Fact: If you're stressed out, she might want to help you out. But if she brags about pulling the strings, she makes herself important.

How react? In the first case: accept the help. In the second: Ask how you can better serve her.

  • The colleague keeps interrupting me. Does she think I'm stupid?

Typical situation: The colleague does not let you finish and is constantly involved in your tasks.

Kopfkino: She finds me incompetent.

Fact: Is she a spirited guy? Then it is in their nature. But if it blows up, it has instigated a power struggle with you.

How react? In the first case: hold eye contact - this is how you are perceived. In the second: Take the floor in a firm voice.

  • The colleague retires - do not like me?

Typical situation: The colleague withdraws near you and does not seem to say what she thinks. With other colleagues, she seems calm.

Kopfkino: She dislikes me.

Fact: If your interlocutor often squints, crosses his arms and averts his gaze, he is afraid of you.

How react? Does the colleague reason to fear? Watch your tone, how does it affect others? Also show your nice side.

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  • The colleague keeps an eye on me. What is she waiting for?

Typical situation: The colleague sits down at your desk, playing with your lucky charm.

Kopfkino: She's always looking at my fingers.

Fact: Pay attention to their facial expressions. Is she looking at you crookedly or raising an eyebrow? Then she finds you arrogant. Otherwise she just feels good in your area.

How react? If this disturbs you, set limits. A friendly "Would you please let my Buddha stand?" Can work wonders.

  • The colleague tells me most private things. Does she consider myself for my girlfriend?

Typical situation: The colleague likes to chat and tell you, what's wrong in their relationship.

Kopfkino: She urges her friendship.

Fact: Perhaps the colleague is missing someone to whom she can confide. See it as a compliment that she comes to you.

How react? If you no longer want to hear the colleague's problems, you have to tell her that. Trick: Push unfinished work.

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