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Video: The saddest wedding dance in the world

Bride Andrea is moved to tears
Photo: YouTube / Michael LaFrance

The bride is crying nonstop

It is the most beautiful day in life for many women: the wedding day! Carefree celebrate, dance, laugh - in the circle of all friends and beloved family members. That's what bride Andrea had dreamed of. But a few months before the yes-word her father died of cancer - and on the joyous event, a dark shadow.

To commemorate the deceased, Andreas's brother has come up with something very special! He surprised his sister with a re-recorded version of Daddy's favorite song " Butterfly Kisses ". The ballad by Bob Carlisle is very popular in England when it comes to choosing music for the wedding dance . Andreas's father also wanted to lead the bride over the floor.

The honor is now given to others: the brother, the grandfather, her father-in-law - and of course her newly-married husband. Again and again Andrea is shaken by wine cramps, she is so touched. Even the wedding party can hardly hold back the tears. As sad as the moment is, in the end you have the good feeling that Andrea was very close to her father ...

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