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Wall shelves for the bathroom

You need this:

Photo: deco & style
  • 3 wooden boxes of 20 x 20 x 9 cm (eg Malk├Ârper from the artists need, piece about 9 euros)
  • Acrylic paint in 3 shades of blue and white (craft shop, 200 ml about 4 Euro)
  • Letter template self-adhesive (eg by C. Kreul, craft store, about 3.50 euros)
  • Kreisbohraufsatz / drill
  • 3 test tubes
  • finer and coarse brush

It's that easy:

1. Prime the wooden boxes white, allow to dry.

2. Paint boxes on the outside in different shades of blue, let them dry.

3. For the inside of the boxes, mix white color and the corresponding shade of blue a little, apply with a coarse brush.

4. Stick on letter templates for the desired name and dab with paint.

5. Drill the holes for the test tube into the bottom of the box with a circular drill attachment (can also be made by the carpenter).

6. Insert test tubes with toothbrushes into the holes.