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Curtains, slats, blinds and roller shades at its best

Louvre curtains - finest privacy
Photo: Living idea

Sun and sight protection

Window decorations are large. It is therefore all the more important to carefully tailor the sun and privacy screens to the room. Let yourself be inspired by our diverse ideas!

Slat curtains are ideal for large windows. Here, white alternate with colored fabric slats. A gently invigorating combination that has nothing in common with the sterile white version, as you know it from medical practices. The louvres can be easily opened or closed by pulling cord or pushed aside as a package.

Manufacturer: Louvre Curtain: Saum & Viebahn, Leather sofa: Contur furnishings, Armchairs: Desalto, Coffee table: Montis, Floor lamp: Care.

Wooden Venetian blinds harmonize well with a country-style d├ęcor, whether modern or traditional, as in this example. The almost horizontal slats of stained Ramin wood filter the incident light and blend in with the cozy atmosphere of the dining room, where oak wood flooring around the rustic pinewood table is a super-comfortable wicker chair.

Manufacturer: Holzjalousien, curtain rod: Teba, curtain and cushion fabrics: garden disguise, dining table, wicker chairs, buffet cabinet, light: Mirabeau Versand.

With this roller blind system, the light can be controlled at any time of day as desired. The highlight is the interplay of two pleated blinds in one window: the white is pulled up from below, the red one down. Depending on the position, they allow a lot of light and sometimes less light. If reduced, glare-free brightness is required - for example, to work on the laptop - the middle area remains free. To darken the room, the red roller blind comes fully into play. And during the day always when the sun is shining.

Manufacturer: Plisseerollos: MHZ, Curtain set: Interstil, Curtain fabric: Hem & Viebahn.

The roller blinds made of double-walled fabric slats function like a blind and offer, by means of a stepless chain hoist, flexible privacy screens: from the open position with a view through to the closed state.

Unlike blinds, where the slats can be set flat or level, the opaque strips of fabric slide halfway or all over the transparent spaces. No matter in which position they are fixed: For the reading place, as in this example, the room always remains bright enough. And because they are made of fabric, the roller blinds are particularly comfortable, especially since they are also combined here with softly toned voile.

Manufacturer: Roller blinds: Teba, Curtain fabric: Gardisette, Vase: The laundry.

In seven shades of color, the fine paper webs are available, so you can select them to match your bathroom or living room and combine as desired. Even with the widths you have the choice between several variants. The decorative profiles are not only offered in wood, as in our examples, but also in aluminum, which has a more modern appearance.

Manufacturer: Papierrollo: Teba, washbasin with armature and cabinet, mirror: Ikea, wall lamp: Rotaliana.

Tie rods are practical: they are simply clamped to the frame (only suitable for plastic windows!) - however, the window must still be completely open. The simple mounting method calls for changing the curtains more often. Because the few that you need for it are pretty fabrics that are lined and eyelets provided above. For the kitchen with its exhalations, easy-care curtains were chosen, which are easy to remove and easy to wash

Manufacturer: Spannvorhangstanen: Teba, curtain fabrics: Gardisette. Fitted kitchen, shelf console, sink, faucet, rolling pin, cutting board: Ikea.