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Crazy Wedding: Flashmob in the church!

The couple happily dances into marriage!
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Wedding dance of a special kind!

A flash mob in the church? Yes, that actually exists. The video shows one of the craziest weddings you've ever seen!

After the yes-word follows the kiss. Up to this point, everything at this wedding is like any other wedding. But what happens then is unbelievable!

At first, the wedding is anything but crazy . The church is festively decorated, the bride wears a traditional wedding dress and the guests listen attentively to the words of the priestess. But after she has married the couple, she suddenly starts to dance. In fact, music is heard from the speakers while the arms are raised. The show is not a surprise for the bride and groom. On the contrary: The couple has come up with a flash mob for the guests!

Freshly married, they are already dancing happily. Together they put on a crazy show at the wedding. Gradually, more and more people come in and dance with them. A more unusual place for the flash mob than the church, they could hardly have thought up. Nevertheless, the dance fits the mood: The joy on the faces of the couple is obvious!

The couple clearly demonstrates a sense of humor. For the romantic part, they have definitely ticked off after the wedding ceremony: With the flash mob begins the funny part of the crazy wedding! While other couples wipe tears of emotion out of the corner of their eyes, these fresh spouses radiate their faces.

Bride and groom will certainly have fun in their marriage, a bundle for life can hardly be closed happier!

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