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Engagement photos: That changed in four years

Four years after the engagement, the picture looks different.
Photo: Rafael Del Col / Screenshot

Touching engagement photos

Her engagement captures the couple on touching photos. Four years later they repeat the shoot, but the photos look very different.

Their shared story develops at first like a picture book: Tatiane and Rafael Del Col know each other from childhood, their relationship could hardly be more intimate, so it's not surprising that the couple soon decides to marry you. Rafael is overjoyed when his childhood sweetheart says yes. To capture that special moment forever, the couple makes engagement photos .

Shortly after the wedding, their luck is completed: Rafael and Tatiane have a child together. But two years after the birth of her daughter, the small family experiences a heavy stroke of fate. Tatiane dies in a car accident. Rafael loses from one day to the other his childhood sweetheart and the mother of his child.

But instead of giving up hope, the young man shows impressive strength. He focuses on his daughter. As a single father and widower he tries to make the life of his child as beautiful as possible. Dad and daughter become a team that gives each other support.

Four years after their engagement Rafael makes a decision: he wants to repeat the photo shoot of that time in honor of his deceased wife. S tatt his fiancee is this time to see his four-year-old daughter next to him.

The sight of the photos creates goose bumps. It is obvious what a strong connection father and child share. Together, Rafael recreates every single engagement photo with his daughter. In her bright face you can see the features of her mother, who lives on in the little girl.