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Vegan Recipe: Cold Dog from The Vegetarian Diaries

On his blog The Vegetarian Diaries, Arne shows lots of vegetarian and vegan recipes as well as detailed veggie guides.

Blog tip "The Vegetarian Diaries"

From time to time refrain from meat? Or just vegan? More and more people can imagine that. Often, however, this intent fails because good ideas for recipes without animal products are missing. How diverse vegetarian food can be is shown by the food bloggers. One of our favorite veggie pros is Arne from the blog . We reveal why we like to click on his food blog!

On "The Vegetarian Diaries" Arne shows that vegetarians and vegans are not grain eaters and have to do without anything. Whether soy protein, which mimics the consistency of meat, applesauce instead of eggs for the cake or an egg made of tofu: The recipes of the hamburger show how vegetarian and vegan cuisine is really fun - and full.

Food blogger Arne, for example, proves that vegan can also be sweet-sweet with this great recipe for a vegan cold dog (see below). As a small appetizer we show the recipe for the biscuit cake here - for more delights, visit the blog The Vegetarian Diaries ...

Vegan's Recipe: Cold Dog by The Vegetarian Diaries

Ingredients: 250 g dark chocolate, 250 g margarine (eg Alsan), 50 g brown sugar, 250 g vegan biscuits, 80 g chopped almonds, 80 g chopped walnuts

If necessary, coarsely chop the nuts and then roast them in a pan. Melt the chocolate with the margarine in a saucepan over low heat. Then stir in the sugar and fold in the nuts. Crush the biscuits and finally add them carefully to the chocolate mixture.

Line a small tin box with aluminum foil and add chocolate paste.

Let cool in the fridge for just under two hours and let taste!

We wish: bon app├ętit!

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