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Teenie label advertises with Thigh Gaps and Lean Models

False beauty ideals

An Italian brand, which is currently in the US just announced, fell into disrepute with the choice of his models. The label comes with blatant thigh-gaps and skinny bodies for very young fashion.

Brandy Meville campaign with skinny models
Photo: @brandymelvilleusa on Instagram

Of course, in the fashion industry, skinny models are still in demand, even if the trend is slowly changing. However, what's going on at the couture shows of the big designers just should not be copied by a label for teen fashion.

The most beautiful plus-size models in the world shows the gallery:

Brandy Melville, originally from Italy, made a sharp complaint about his campaign in the US. On the Internet (@brandymelvilleusa on Instagram) the brand advertises with very young girls in tight outfits, but conveys a very unhealthy body image.

Brandy Melville sells only clothes in sizes XS to M

It is also questionable how natural the recordings are, and whether one or the other extreme thigh gap did not even help with Photoshop. What's even worse is that most designs for teenage girls come in one size only. On the labels are comments like "Fits an XS-S" or just "fits an SM". In L or even XL, this fashion does not exist.

The claim of the label would be clear: Who wants to be cool and dress as hip as the girlfriends, just slim down. Brutal, scary and absolutely not going with the current trend. It is only to be hoped that Brandy Melville will soon change his advertising strategy in the course of the public Shitstorm.

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