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Maternity wear: Spring by bellybutton & Co.

So round, so beautiful: circumstance fashion for ball bellies.
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Ball round fashion

Baby on the go but do not feel like XXL Schlabber look? We have stylish for expectant mums here for you!

Great to be pregnant! But the wardrobe has to be re-stocked with a bigger belly, because forever the one open button of the pants will not be enough ...

When the ball grows slowly, one thing is clear: At some point, you just can not fit into your favorite jeans, the T-shirt from last summer and the new skirt you just bought.

Ball round and stylish

That should go? Of course, because just because you 're pregnant, it does not mean that you have to run around in the Schlabber look. Labels such as bellybutton, Mama Licious, but also H & M and Esprit offer chic maternity fashion in the current cut and design. So woman does not have to do without the beloved slim fit jeans. It is easy to buy as a mum variant. Invited to a wedding with an 8-month ball? No problem today! Gorgeous, festive dresses are also available with a child under the heart.

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