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She cuts a bra in half - you should do it now

This woman cuts her bra in half.

Cut the bra? A really good idea!
Photo: Istock

And for a good reason: She makes herself a really practical DIY bra. And why you need it in your closet, too, becomes clear.

Do you also know the problem if you want to wear a backless top or dress, but you also want to wear a bra? For this you need a bra that has no straps on the back. Especially under dark clothes should not look bright bra out. But omitting the underwear is not an alternative.

You can also do a backless bra yourself. That this is easy, shows the video.

What you need: An old bra, a pair of scissors, a few needles to stick, thread and a sewing needle. Get started right away with the step-by-step guide in the video.

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