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Trend comeback of the polo shirt

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Hello philistine part, welcome back!

Wait a moment?! We still know you ...! The polo shirt celebrates its revival in 2015 - and catapults us mentally back into our childhood. Gorgeous this trend with nostalgia factor ...

What was once considered the total philistine part mausert in 2015 to the absolute surprise it-piece. And honestly, we really did not expect that. But already last year crystallized on some catwalks of the designers: polo shirts are back! We are pleased, because reinterpreted, the classic of the tops can be wonderfully combined.

Originally designed by Lacoste for polo tournaments, the shirt with sleeves and collar can now be styled chic instead of sporty. Especially nice: Just put a polo shirt in a skirt or shorts and let it slip out easily. This gives the otherwise so stuffy top a casual look.

Also dare to get striped models. You'll be surprised how well the patterns work with their style. Our favorite models: Poloshirts with exciting color gradients, small allover patterns and black and white stripes.

Styling tips for the polo shirt

The polo shirt will not get rid of the philistine character this season either. Therefore one should counteract with casual combi-partners and styles:

  • big statement chains
  • Put polo shirt in the waistband
  • Combine skirts
  • Flared pants (the 70s live)
  • Ethnic Earrings
  • Unbutton polo buttons - looks cooler

By the way: Stay away from tight-fitting pearl necklaces! Sorry, nothing against the fine necklace, but the cool philistine look should be well dosed. What was in the 80s with the poppers was still allowed, today may come a bit more modern therefore. So dare to look to the right and left of the styling path for cool suits. The polo shirt is guaranteed.

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