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Sad Movies: These movies are nice to howl!

The 25 most moving heartbreak movies of all time

There are sad films that are so touching that we just have to sob out - because they are moving inside us. Here are the 25 most poignant heartbreak movies of all time.

Recently in the plane. The film drama "Extremely loud and incredibly close" starts on the screen. Nice. Until this lump appears in the throat. Swallowing: as cumbersome as with tonsillitis. The eyes: glass marbles that want to transform into Niagara Falls. We wink at the neighbor, who is watching an action movie, who alternately knocks on his thighs and grabs the chip bag. We try to disappear in the armchair - as the sad film music sets in (these strings!) And destroys any attempt to maintain posture. Either we quickly make it to the quiet place (escape!). Or we try to distract ourselves (how was this Ostfriesenwitz equal?) Or we cry. What ends in the worst case, that the action-type offers us a handkerchief and the elderly lady next to us puts her hand placating on our: Too much empathy, which lets us just schnunde. How could that happen? Why does this always happen with these films, which take us along as if we were hitchhikers on the, sorry, Wein-Stra├če?

Maybe because somebody in this movie is getting deadly ( "my life without me" ). Perhaps because someone in this film does not perceive the opportunity to change one's life ( "Revolutionary Road" ). Maybe because a dog waits in vain for his master ( "Hachiko" ). Or because two people, who obviously belong together, do not get together ( "Gone with the Wind" ). Certainly, because we recognize ourselves in all these stories a bit. And our (wrong) decisions and primal fears from loss to loneliness equal to it.

Luckily there's a DVD player! At home, we can howl undisturbed sad movies.

The good: As painful as sad films are, they are great food for thought . Because we just do not want to end up like the characters in the stories. Sad films are medicine. Also, because such a tear-odyssey in the shelter of the cinema-darkness can be exhaustive, but lightening.

Sometimes the seen looks still so long that tears will come in our eyes again days later. Practically, when we are just in a cloudburst - and our emotional drops could pass as rain. Actually, we do not need an excuse. Especially since our partner often gets glazed eyes when watching DVDs. But of course that comes from the tacos with the chili sauce ...