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Jonathan Rhys Meyers: Suicide Attempt

Addicted Tudors star after suicide attempt in the hospital

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Jonathan Rhys Meyers / ©

He is known for his alcohol addiction, which has brought him several times into the withdrawal, but obviously even Jonathan Rhys Meyers has enough of his problems now. He was just transported to a London hospital, according to the People magazine, after he had allegedly tried to kill himself. It was also announced that the ambulance was called to his apartment on Tuesday, where the "Tudors" star however refused to be treated by the emergency physicians. After desperate attempts to help him, the police called after 30 minutes, the Jonathan then dragged under duress in the next clinic. One source commented on the dramatic event opposite "This is very sad. It was the opinion of the attendees that he tried to commit suicide. "Now released, Jonathan does not want to comment on Rhys Meyers. The following day, Jonathan Rhys Meyers was allowed to leave the hospital, but still refuses to explain the incident another reason to suspect no unrelated illness. It is said that he had poisoned himself with pills and a policeman officially confirmed that the actor rejected any treatment. So, was it safe to send him home again?