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Mega-dispute between Rihanna and Nicki Minaj at the VMAs

Thick air between Rihanna and Nicki Minaj

Rihanna, Nicki Minaj

In the one minute they sing a duet together, in the other the scraps are already flying. We are talking about Rihanna and, between them, the showdown during the MTV Video Music Awards. Tonyoncé and Kim Kardashian are not the only stars in showbiz who can not stand each other. All signs point to the fact that now also an ugly kidding war between the superstars Nicki Minaj and breaks out.Nicki Minaj gets rid of RihannaDuring the MTV Video Music Awards 2012, it came to a scandal between the two. Because when Nicki won the Best Female Video prize and Rihanna got up to congratulate her, Nicki freaked out completely. Trishelle Cannatella, a US reality TV star, witnessed the awkward moment and tweeted live from the award ceremony, "Oh my god. Nicki Minaj just told Rihanna to sit down 'damn, ' when Rihanna tried to hug her. Love it! "Which is the reason for Nicki's Ausraster? Rumors say Nicki is still mad at Rihanna because she had an affair with Nicki's ex-boyfriend and rapper Drake. Quite in the sense of: ex-friends of the girlfriend are taboo. Looks like there's not going to be any (musical) collaboration between the two guys ... HD