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Death after illness Hannelore Elsner: That's how fans and stars mourn the drama icon

Hannelore Elsner died at the age of 76 after a short, severe illness. So fans and stars deal with the loss of the actress.

Hannelore Elsner died at the age of 76 years.
Photo: Hannes Magerstaedt / Getty Images

She was one of the most important German actresses with a laugh that you will not forget so quickly. Now Hannelore Elsner died surprisingly at the age of 76 years. " As lawyers for the family of Hannelore Elsner, we have the sad duty to inform the public that Hannelore Elsner suffered surprisingly serious illness and fell asleep peacefully on Easter Sunday, " said the lawyer of the Elsner family. Matthias Prinz, opposite Editorial Network Germany (RND). According to the 'tz' she is said to have previously been ill with cancer. Last Elsner was still for the ARD movie "Long live the queen" in front of the camera, as it continues with the incomplete filming, the BR still considered.

So mourn stars around Hannelore Elsner

Many fans mourn the social networks surrounding the actress, who has made more than 70 films since 1959. But also stars, especially from film and television, report to the loss. Julian FM Stöckel was friends with Elsner. On Facebook, he writes: " Hannelore, was my role model, my mentor, my companion and especially my girlfriend, countless hours with good white wine and cigarettes, many cigarettes we have spent. (...) I can the amount of my tears and sadness do not put into words. "

Florian David Fitz posted a common picture on Instagram: "Oh, Hanni! The news is like a kick in the gut of the stomach, just as fresh on the telephone landline as ever, capricious, funny, profound, warm and controversial and now are you gone, can not believe it! "

Check out this post on Instagram

Oh, Hanni! The message is like a kick in the stomach. Just on the telephone landline, of course, as fresh as ever, capricious, funny, profound, warm-hearted and argumentative and now you're gone? I can not believe it!

Posted by Florian David Fitz on April 23, 2019 at 11:32 PDT

Colleague Matthias Schweighöfer also signed up on his Instagram account: " Dear Hannelore, we will miss you, thank you, that I was allowed to work with you again, you know, I thought you were great and every time I have a little more in you You will miss very much ... "Schweighöfer and Fitz worked together with Elsner in the movie" 100 things ".

The actress Alexandra Kamp posted a short video and said under her post: " For days I read your biography, in which you have written me this wonderful dedication." For 3 nights I dream of you .. and now you are not here anymore. "

The director and author Doris Dörrie, with whom Elsner most recently shot the film "Cherry Blossoms & Demons", opposite the picture, commented: " For me, Hannelore Elsner was a great adventurer who was interested in curiosity, devotion and bravery into every role and into your life. I will miss her very much . "The designers Kaviar Gauche and the make-up artist Armin Morbach commemorate the actress in her Instagram story.

From the policy announced Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) via Twitter: " Bayern mourns Hannelore Elsner. She was a great artist and personality. We will miss Hannelore Elsner very much . "The actress was born in Bavaria in 1942.

Hannelore Elsner leaves her son Dominik, who emerged from a relationship with director Dieter Wedel.

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