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Stefanie Giesinger wins GNTM 2014

GNTM Candidates 2014: Stefanie Giesinger

She already has a lot of fans in social networks. And now Heidi Klum, Wolfgang Joop and Thomas Hayo are among them.

Stefanie Giesinger pictures
Photo: Jannik Stutzenberger / Facebook
  1. Stefanie Giesinger on the cover
  2. Stefanie Giesinger: Job alternative after GNTM 2014?
  3. Stefanie Giesinger takes GNTM 2014 seriously
  4. Stefanie Giesinger GNTM 2014 suffers from a bad illness
  5. Stefanie is fighting for her dream at GNTM 2014
  6. Stefanie won a big casting at GNTM
Stefanie Giesinger has actually made it. She is "Germany's Next Top Model" 2014! We trace their way.

Update May 14, 2014: It's probably been an especially long time for Stefanie Giesinger to win GNTM 2014. Jannik, Steffi's best friend, has been taking pictures of his muse for years. A selection of the most beautiful pictures we show here.

Stefanie Giesinger: Pictures to fall in love with!

Update May 8, 2014: Stefanie Giesinger is "Germany's Next Top Model" 2014. In the final of GNTM 2014 she defeated Ivana Teklic and Jolina Fust. Now she can look forward to a photo on the cover of the German "Cosmopolitan". What exactly happened in the finale, we reveal here!

Stefanie Giesinger on the cover

Stefanie Giesinger: Job alternative after GNTM 2014?

Oh, is Stefanie Giesinger already planning for the time after GNTM 2014, without any model ambitions? On May 6, 2014, she posted a photo with the comment: "I adam! Participate in the car industry "(@ steffi_gie on Instagram). Oje, does our favorite candidate want to change the industry? However, we can hardly imagine that the car mechanics could take a single clear thought, Stefanie Giesinger should really help in this elevator in the car industry. And so the photo seems to be only a very clever advertisement for their contract partner.

Stefanie Giesinger takes GNTM 2014 seriously

While for many of the candidates GNTM 2014 might offer a nice change, promising a little adventure, glamor and a touch of the big, wide world, Stefanie really takes modeling seriously. This could also be because Stefanie Giesinger suffers from a life-threatening illness. As the "InTouch" reported on February 13, 2014, Stefanie's intestines can shift at any time, leading to a build-up of blood in her body.

Stefanie Giesinger GNTM 2014 suffers from a bad illness

No wonder that the brunette with a lot of ambition is in the matter. She became acquainted with the seriousness of life in her early childhood and has since bravely fought for her future. A long scar on her stomach reminds her that she barely escaped death. Nobody wanted to believe that she was sick, the doctors do not discover what a dangerous disease she carried in the body: Stefanie suffers from walking organs, mobile organs so. The technical term for this is Kartagener syndrome.

Stefanie is fighting for her dream at GNTM 2014

Because her stomach was completely twisted, Stefanie could not eat. An eight-hour operation finally saved her life. Since then she wants to take her destiny into her own hands and is all the more motivated to live her dream at GNTM. Your fans are fully convinced of so much courage.

Stefanie won a big casting at GNTM

A coveted job at GNTM: Stefanie Giesinger won the Opel casting and will be featured in a TV commercial for the car company. But she had to flirt properly and show off her irresistible side. Of course, no problem for the pretty GNTM candidate. According to Stefanie is also already in the final.

Each year, the GNTM candidates have to face new challenges and prove themselves at photo shoots. It is important that the girls are always able to show a new side and slip into different roles. In the sixth episode of the ninth season, the models have to pose in front of the camera as a man. Stefanie Giesinger shared this cool selfie on 12th March 2014 on Instagram. Unbelievable how versatile it is. We buy her the role as a man completely off and Wolfgang Joop seems to be thrilled by the appearance of pretty brunettes.

She's a real star on her Facebook fan page. Several thousand like what they see. In fact, Stefanie Giesinger from Kaiserslautern has not only the figure, face and hair of a future top model, but also the necessary experience. A decent advantage over the other candidates of GNTM 2014, the 17-year-olds could provide that professional photo shoots are not new territory for them. After all, the girls are all young and beautiful - if you want to stand out, you have to offer a bit more.

Stefanie's competitors at GNTM 2014:

"Germany's Next Top Model - by Heidi Klum" will be on Thursdays at 6:15 pm on Pro7 on the 6th of February 2014.

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