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You should know this trick for ballerinas

You can easily expand your ballerinas yourself
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Every woman knows that: New ballerinas always push. We have the perfect trick, that is not so

Soon spring comes and with it the open shoes. Of course we are really looking forward to it. What we are not so happy about are the bubbles that cause the new ballerinas on our feet. We have a great tip against it.

Ballerinas are basically really comfortable. But you always wear them without socks. And that means bruises . The inevitable result, because the friction on the bare skin, this is geschubbert so that a bubble arises. In the worst case, this opens then and you have an open wound in the shoe. Ouch! That really hurts.

In order for you to feel the same way this year, we have a very simple trick on how to widen your shoes yourself. Annoying and especially painful shrinking is easily eliminated.

And this is how it works:

  • Take the thickest pair of woolen socks you can find
  • With these socks you slip in the shoes
  • In the places where the shoe presses, you are foaming until the material of the shoe is very soft
  • Keep the shoe on until it cools down
  • If the shoe is still too tight then repeat the process

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