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10 bodyhacks that make your life better

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  1. Modern acupuncture
  2. Side sleeper beware
  3. Hold the right ear
  4. Dummy therapy for toothache
  5. The left foot sets the tone
  6. Yes or no?
  7. Ear scratching against neck itching
  8. Make big eyes
  9. Yawning is not contagious
  10. Holding the air always helps
  11. Hello, wake up!

Modern acupuncture

You are tired? Then scratch your nose. You have a toothache? Then rub your thumb. 10 bodyhacks that will make your life better in no time.

It does not always have to be a tablet. Because - there are numerous bodyhacks that make small ailments disappear in no time. How should this work? With the help of acupuncture. For example, your hand can help you with toothache and your ear with itchy itches. We have put together ten ingenious bodyhacks that will make your life easier in no time.

Side sleeper beware

Heartburn is uncomfortable - no question. But there is a simple trick to counter your suffering. Are you sleeping on the right side? Then you should change that as fast as possible. Because - who sleeps on the right side, favors that the stomach acid against gravity moves from our stomach through the esophagus. So sleep on the left side.

Hold the right ear

You're at a concert and have trouble understanding your counterpart? Then hold your right ear out. It inherently absorbs conversational situations more quickly. The situation is different with the left ear. This takes better melodies.

Dummy therapy for toothache

Anyone who has toothache should cool the affected area - this is not new. What is new is that the cooling of your hand can counteract the pain. Simply rub an ice cube over the game between your index finger and thumb. So you easily relieve your pain without additional tablets and injections.

The left foot sets the tone

You have just started running and you are already tormented by side stabbing? The big problem: Most runners exhale as soon as the right foot hits the ground. That is wrong! Try to exhale on your next run only when your left foot hits the ground. This will put less pressure on your liver and it will not start to hurt.

Yes or no?

Your arm has fallen asleep? Then move your head from one side to the other. Sounds funny, but really helps. Shaking your head helps to get rid of the tingling and pinching in your arm.

Ear scratching against neck itching

There are a few places on our body that we just can not get to - like our neck, for example. But no worry. Halsjucken is now a thing of the past. You just have to scratch your ear and the itch disappears on its own. Why it is like that? Because the muscles in your throat contract with the scratching. And already the annoying itch disappears.

Make big eyes

A classic love romance or a scary thriller - always and everywhere you have tears? Then try to keep your eyes wide open during the next tearful attack. This trick is supposed to work wonders. Another idea: pinch your nose. That too should keep you from crying.

Yawning is not contagious

Why do we yawn? We do not know that either. But we know how to nip your next yawn in the bud. Just touch your tongue with your finger.

Holding the air always helps

Do that, not that. With hardly any other problem, there are as many home remedies as hiccups. Which one helps best with us? Stop the air! Hold your breath as long as you can the next time you hiccup. Important: Breathe out very slowly.

Hello, wake up!

The next low will come for sure. And to be well prepared for this, here are two simple tricks that will make your fatigue disappear right away. Grate either with your fingertip over the bridge of your nose or let yourself be irradiated by blue light.

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