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Squid Mushroom: This disgusting mushroom looks like something from another planet!

This mushroom looks like it's from another world! It usually consists of a white, gelatinous ball. But to multiply, his arms break like tentacles from the glistening egg. The squid mushroom

Squid Mushroom: Like devil's fingers or tentacles of octopus - but it's a mushroom
Photo: Source: Youtube

The mushroom in the video is not from another planet, even if it looks like this. The octopus mushroom (Clathrus archeri) is found mainly in New Zealand and Australia. The arms of the mushroom look like tentacles of squid, or for some just like devil's fingers.

Whatever you associate with the look of the arms - it looks pretty spectacular when the arms break and grow out of the "egg". Watch it in the video and be amazed!

Ingenious tactics

What looks rather unappetizing to us humans (and smells!) Is an ingenious method for the fungus to multiply. The arms are covered with a special layer that smells strongly of carrion and rotten meat, but the insects are very appetizing.

When the insects land on the mushroom, the fungal spores are transferred to their legs. When they then fly to the next mushroom, they pass the mushroom spores on to the other mushrooms, thus helping the mushroom to multiply.

A non-toxic mushroom

Wondering if the squid mushroom is edible? The answer is yes, he is non-toxic. However, it is certainly not a nice experience to eat this gelatinous mushroom. There are certainly other types of mushrooms that are more enjoyable to eat (but of course eat only if you are quite sure that they are not poisonous!)