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Every day she prays for Monica Lierhaus

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Exclusive to THE NEW: SAT1 soccer presenter Andrea Kaiser

For weeks, nothing has been heard from Monica Lierhaus (39). The fact is, the sports presenter will probably not be available for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, Canada.

But even if Monica Lierhaus is currently not on TV, her colleagues think of her every day.

First and foremost: Andrea Kaiser (27), the new soccer player from SAT1:

"Every day I send a prayer in the sky, that Monica Lierhaus (39) comes back again!

I hope for me, for the spectator, for every fan and especially for her, that she gets well soon.

I really hope she comes back.

Recently I read that she feels a little better. I hope this message was correct! "

Andrea Kaiser continues: "Even footballers keep asking: Do you know what, how is she? Is there anything new?

I do not think the subject will stop until you know how she is doing!

There is no one who leaves her fate cold. She is also a person everyone likes! "

Andrea Kaiser will be moderating on Wednesday, October 21, starting at 8.15 pm and on Thursday, October 22nd on Sat1.

You can read the complete article from 17.10.2000 DAS NEUE 43/09.

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