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Supervenus: beauty craze extreme!

Photo: YouTube / Esther Bellido

Perfect body or exaggerated beauty ideal?

Beauty surgeries are nothing special anymore. But this video shows how you can disfigure yourself if you overdo it.

Breast augmentation, song-tightening, rhinoplasty, lip spraying ... What can it be today? The list of possible beauty surgeries is endless. There is no body part that can not be "modeled" surgically. Between liposuction on the earlobe and artificial toe extension, everything is possible! But seriously, why settle for his body when you can look like Barbie personally with some help? Not only do we know a good reason to NOT want THAT!

The same thought had the Frenchman Frédéric Doazan . With his three-minute animated film " Supervenus " the filmmaker wants to show that many have fallen too far behind the beauty craze. "We treat our planet as well as our bodies: injecting things, taking things and trying to make everything smooth and sterile, " says Doazan. "Our image of the woman never involves the mind - it never goes deep. It's all about rejuvenating the body and therefore looking 60 years old and 20 years old. "

Exactly this phenomenon he attacks with his film " Supervenus " . This shows an animated woman who actually looks quite normal. Of course, "normal" is not enough in times of beauty surgery. First, her body hair is shaved off. Until then harmless. But then it starts with the first liposuction. Her neck must be thinner and her eyes are definitely too small! Make-up she needs anyway and her hair is not so portable. A wig must come! A slit under the breasts and already can the new implants in. An injection here, a suction there and et voila: There is nothing left of the woman in the beginning. Even her brain was replaced with a pink one. This makes them think that they look much nicer after all the surgeries. But wait, did she overdo it? Suddenly there is a bang and everything decays!

The film should not show that beauty surgeries are basically bad. But Frédéric Doazan wants to make people, especially women, thoughtful. They should question whether it is really necessary to operate on their bodies or whether it is not much nicer to just love their body as it is - with all its stigma.

Here's her ingenious and shocking video :

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