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Knitting PatternKnitting colorful checkered blanket

Your couch has been waiting for this colorful checkered corner! We'll show you how to knit them at home, to spend comfortable hours with her.

Photo: © Gräfe und Unzer Verlag

You need this:

  • Virgin wool yarn (100% merino wool, 160 m / 50 g running length), 500 g in pistachio (A), 300 g in ecru (B) 400 g in olive yellow (C) and 300 g in gray green (D): Cool Wool 2000 from Lana Grossa
  • Circular knitting needle made of wood No. 6, length 120 cm

And this is how it's done:

Knitting tension:
Smooth right, needle no. 6
two-ply: 15 M × 22 R = 10 × 10 cm

The ceiling is divided into width and height in 5 squares each with 30 cm side length. It is continuously worked with a double thread, whereby the color combination changes from square to square. By always a continuous color in width and height different melanges or squares in pure color. In the end, the blanket looks like a piece woven with warp and weft. Knitting in the rows only right, in the back rows only left stitches (smooth right), the edge stitches always work as right stitches (knot edge).
At the color transitions, the threads cross (intarsia technique). Thus, there are always 6 balls of wool in use. After each 30 cm in height, only the thread passing through in width is changed.

1st stitch stop:
Cast 225 stitches (M) as follows:
45 sts each with one thread in color A and C.
45 sts each with one thread in color B and C.
45 sts with two threads of color C.
45 sts each with one thread in color D and C.
45 sts each with one thread in color A and C.
In the back row, knit 1 st in the right, 1 st in the left, keeping the color combination from the stich.

2nd ceiling:
From now knit in the basic pattern with Knötchenrand. Knit in the color distribution described above to a height of 30 cm, then replace the thread C with the thread D over the entire width of the piece. After another 30 cm change from thread D to thread A and continue every 30 cm to thread B and again to thread C

3rd degree:
Cast off all sts in 150 cm total height, knitting 1 st on right, 1 st on left. Finally sew all threads carefully.

In between, unravel the balls again and again so that no knots are formed. Even better, put the balls in a shoebox with 5 holes in the side wall, through which you guide the individual threads to the outside.

Here you can download the complete manual.

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