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Knit headband - with free instructions

To knit this headband, just follow our free guide.
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Trendy head thing

Tied as a bow, studded with rivets or motley - fashion maniacs grab the stylish headband and show that the look is not just for kids!

You want to knit a headband ? No problem, here you will find the instructions for the model in the photo.

Knit headband - let's go!

Size: one size

Material: Rico fashion elegance, color 001 (brown - beige) 50g, Rico knitting needles 10mm, auxiliary needle

Basic pattern: See instructions

Rib pattern : front: 2 sts left, 2 sts in reverse sts back: M str. as they appear

Mesh test in smooth re with needles 10mm

8 M and 12 R = 10 x 10cm

Knit headband - Zopffrand (work sideways)

Cast on 10mm 8 sts with needles and wring as follows st.:1. R: 2 sts, 6 sts str.2. R: 6 sts, 2 sts str.3. - 6th R: 1st and 2nd R 2x wdh.7. R: 2 sts left, 3 sts on needle and put behind work, 3 sts, M sts from needle, 8. R: 6 sts, 2 sts. These 8 R form the basic pattern. 1st to 8th rounds still 9 times, 1st to 4th rounds. or knit until piece measures approx. 56cm and finish with 4th row. and all M offk. The upper part of the headband is knitted to the edge with the left stitches. The Zopfrand forms the lower end of the headband. With needles 10mm from the right side evenly distributed 46 M herausstr. and the 1st R (Reverse) work as follows: 1. R (reverse) 1 st, 1 ml, * 2 sts, 2 mls; from * 10 times, 2 sts, 1 st, 1 sts. R 2 sts, * 2 sts, 2 sts; from * 11x wdh.1. and 2. R wdh., then 1x the 1st R wdh.1 R re str. and cancel all M

Completion: Close the side seam. Moisten the headband, pull it into shape and let it dry.

This guide was provided to us by Rico Design.

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