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Stylish DIY ideas for ribbon, cord & Co.

Sweeten the dreams: DIY dream catcher from tape.
Photo: deco & style

Beautifully tied up

Already angehandelt? Make ribbon, thread and cord an eye-catcher - with our fast DIY ideas!

You want to know what is really in wool and Co.? Then let yourself be enchanted by our dreamlike decoration ideas . Throughout the apartment, the home-made home accessories provide a good mood.

Whether knotted, wrapped or simply left hanging: imaginatively draped colorful ribbon is wonderfully suited to decoratively stage your furniture .

The pretty threads give you sweet dreams in the bedroom - click through the gallery and design our personal dream catcher with our instructions.

Cords can even be used practically for the kitchen: as stylish glass coasters. Artful knots are used as napkin holders in the dining room.

Let yourself be inspired by our lovely DIY suggestions!

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