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Steppe sage creates color in the summer garden


Rich colors from May to August

With its blue-violet flower spikes, the steppe sage brings color to the garden from May until late summer. The unmistakable, aromatic scent not only attracts bees and butterflies.

From May to August, the wild steppe sage brings a violet sea of ​​flowers into the garden. Its delicate flowers in classic blue violet, white or pink weigh over the typical for this sage square style in the wind. For loosening the herbaceous leaves provide fresh green. Depending on the species, it reaches a height of about 40 to 100 centimeters and is thus equally suitable for beds and planters.

The steppe sage is a child of the sun and loves bright and warm locations in the garden - the more light he receives, the more luxuriant the flower will turn out. He prefers nutrient-poor and light soils. The earth is poured around the bale so that the roots can absorb the water quickly. Wither the purple panicles, they are simply cut back so that the steppe sage can flourish again.

By the way, also bees, bumblebees and butterflies are fans of the popular garden plant and especially enjoy their sweet nectar. But beware: The aromatic-spicy fragrance of this garden bloomer should not be confused with the Mediterranean herb, because the leaves of the steppe sage are not suitable for consumption.