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Stefan Mross and Stefanie Hertel: The hidden drama

Slowly the bitter truth comes to light

Is there a separation without tears? No - we all know that! Anyone who claims otherwise, makes us something. And maybe yourself too.

Stefan Mross (35) and Stefanie Hertel (32) were our dream couple. Down to earth, happy, with daughter Johanna (10) a healty family. In September then the big bang - the separation . It quickly became clear: the joint performances, the harmony on stage - everything had long been only theater. Only the two themselves know how long they have played something to us. And today? Are the tears dried, is the heartbroken over? Stefan Mross says he and his wife have separated "with dignity, respect and friendship" . Is this the truth this time? Wr investigated. And found some - let's call it careful: inconsistencies. Little by little the bitter truth comes to light. 1. Stefan Mross claims: "We are a happy family!" The fact is: Publicly seen together, she no longer has anyone. And in the environment of the couple it is even said that the atmosphere between them is totally poisoned. We have the impression that behind the scenes is obviously a drama from. 2. Stefan Mross claims, "We keep working together, " but also stressed that he and Stefanie are preparing solo projects. The fact is: From the end of November to the 21st of December they are going on tour with the "Alpenländische Weihnacht". Of course, the contracts have long since been signed. Thereafter, no further joint appearances are currently planned, as the spokeswoman of the couple confirmed. Ice Age!

So why continue this "happy disconnected" show? If Stefanie Hertel and Stefan Mross want to save their careers - success doubtful! The first fans have already returned tickets for appearances. But there could also be another reason: Maybe Stefan Mross does not want to slam the door to Stefanie Hertel. First, because of daughter Johanna, to whom he hangs a lot. On the other hand, because he understood what he and Stefanie Hertel have lost. Serious new partners are probably not in both. Stefan's summer affair is already over. When asked, a young child should expect his love to come from him, saying "All nonsense!" Maybe there is still hope for a new beginning - without lies.

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