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Helene Fischer: "I do not always have to be the nice guy.

Brav and of course - so the fans love their Helene Fischer. But the singer also has another side ...
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Does she lead a double life?

She never let her soul look so deep ...

Yes, it is a piquant confession, with the Helene Fischer (28) now in the TV documentary "Alone in the light" surprised: Suddenly she speaks, which became famous as a brave pop-princess, namely, wild, sexy, even wicked to be.

Who would have thought that nice Helene has such a dark side? "This site, something more conspicuous, you did not know before. I like that very much, "she says.

And not enough! She confidently adds, "I do not always have to be nice." Words that amaze. But those who see Helene Fischer dancing on the stage in skin-tight leather pants, who realizes that she really carries this side in herself and also likes to live. Does she lead a double life ?

Helene says, "My character or nature does not change because I sing such a song. But it's important to show that I am too. "

And it's exactly this mixture of charm and daredevil that Helene's fans love about her.

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