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The most stylish plus size fashionistas on Instagram

The new stars on Instagram? Have curves!

Plus size blogger Emmi Rantakallio from Stockholm posts new looks on Instagram almost every day.

The most stylish role models post style and confidence on their account. We show the coolest look of the curvy fashionistas.

Finding pretty fashion in large sizes often presents curvy women with great challenges. On Instagram, a lot of Plus Size fashionistas now show how stylish fashion can be beyond dress size 40. Your Message: Stop striving for an ideal, buy clothes that do not suit you, run after any trend!

Instagram's plus-size beautys ignore the size on the sign and pamper themselves with cool cuts and good materials. They follow no trend that does not suit them and rely on classic cuts, narrow waists and knee-length skirts. They do not hide your butts and bosoms! You know, the more you dress, the less favorable it looks and find that plus-size girls have the curves that size zero girls can only dream of.

The most stylish proof photos are shown here:

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