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You can save these lockerkeepers!

"Honey, you do not wear the shirt" - Well, let's just borrow it!
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Unused in German wardrobes

The wardrobe is bursting at the seams - and still nothing to wear? We all know that. And still shopping. But: You can save a part now!

The jeans look great in the store. Okay, she pinches her buttocks a bit. But we still buy them. After a year, she hangs hardly worn in the closet. Sniff. We all have such lockkeepers. Also the men. For, as a study by the fashion company Walbusch shows, about 81 million shirts are unused in German wardrobes . That's about 2.5 shirts per man.

And why is it? Too tight collar? To colorful? Too complicated to iron? Or just bad brought? If that's the case, dear men, we'd better go shopping for ourselves. Finally, there is at least one more jeans model that does not yet hang in our closet. If it fits perfectly, then that is the next question.

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