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Red roses every year

Happy as ever: Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg and his lady of the heart Maria Teresa
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Palace whispers

On Valentine's Day, the ghosts part. Some of them are enthusiastic and give flowers, sweets or expensive ones to others, others ignore the date unperturbed because they think they are doing business after this day of remembrance.

One who never forgets February 14 is Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg (54). For a good reason: Valentine's Day is also his wedding day! Therefore, yesterday Henri again delighted his wife Maria Teresa (53) with beautiful red roses!

Both are already married for 29 years. However, her 1981 wedding was anything but a hobby. Henri, at that time heir to the throne, and Maria Teresa had to fight hard for their love. Henri's mother Grand Duchess Josephine Charlotte († 2005 with 77) was out of state stubbornly against the connection of her son with the bourgeois Cuban. It was reported that Josephine Charlotte only gave in when Henri threatened to renounce the crown if he was not allowed to marry the love of his life.

Henri and Maria Teresa have never regretted their step. Her family includes four sons, a daughter, a daughter-in-law and even two grandchildren.