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Zo Kravitz: Vagina speed camera on the MET Gala

Upskirt mishaps: Zoë Kravitz

For her appearance at this year's MET Gala 2014 Zoë Kravitz sat on sex appeal total: her deep red dress by Michael Kors was cut at the cleavage as deep as it was slit on the leg. The risk of a mishap was therefore high, which also happened to her promptly.

Zoe Kravitz upskirt glitch
Photo: Getty Images

She did Zoë Kravitz an upskirt speed camera of the finest, although it is still unclear whether there is still a slip under the dress somewhere. The profile recording on the red carpet let at least suspect that the "X-Men: First Decision" actress was down without.

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Since the beginning of April Zoë Kravitz has also undergone a drastic outer transformation and changed from brunette to platinum blonde hair color. Obviously Lenny Kravitz's daughter is working on a new vamp image, which is why one has to ask herself if this vagina speed camera was also intended to provide a conversation piece.

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