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Scary weather Weather: Now it is stormy in Germany

Dress warmly and hold tight: Now a storm front is approaching Germany!

In Germany it gets stormy
Photo: Istock

The midweek brings in Germany a lot of wind with it. Especially the North Sea and Baltic Sea are blown through powerful. Even in the mountains it can be stormy.

Constant rain almost everywhere

At the beginning of the week it is cloudy in large parts of Germany. Rain is mainly in the north and central Germany. At temperatures between 4 and 12 degrees, it is sometimes quite mild. On the coasts storm squalls are already possible at the beginning of the week.

Wednesday is really windy: gusts with the strength of 9 to 10 are possible. Continuous rain and sleet storms make it really uncomfortable.

Up to wind force 12 on the coasts and in the mountains

The right storm awaits us on Thursday and Friday: Atlantic deep runners not only drive rain to Germany, but also strong storms.

Especially the fools will not be happy. Constant rain and storm make the carnival celebrations on Thursday and Friday very uncomfortable . Also on the monday it stays windy. However, the temperatures can climb up to 18 degrees.

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