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Skilfully photographing photos

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Canvas, art print or snapshot: Images are part of the home furnishings. With these staging options, your photos will stand out.

As an expression of your personal style or as a reminder of beautiful moments, pictures will make your home truly comfortable. It is up to your own taste, if you prefer to make your walls with snapshots of family and friends, drawings of children or art prints. We'll show you how to effectively decorate with photos, no matter which motive you choose.

Right arrangements

If you want to decorate with photos, you have a variety of picture frames and hanging systems to choose from. As a general rule, pictures that are art or that you care about for personal reasons should be framed. So your favorite piece is well protected and fully accentuated. If you want to draw full attention to a photo, leave it alone and refrain from draping other images around it. That distracts unnecessarily.

The situation is different if you want to have your own little gallery in the apartment. Then rely on your feeling for connections . In terms of color, frame and shape, the picture gallery should be consistent. But also play with contrasts and complementary colors. How you arrange your pictures also depends on the position in which they are to be viewed. Whether you want to see the photos while standing (hallway) or sitting (living room), makes a big difference when hanging. Because the rule says: always attach pictures at eye level. So think twice about how your pictures should work before you hit the first nail in the wall.

Big projects

By the way, it does not always have to be unpacked. Canvas prints, wall tattoos and photo wallpapers offer a nice change from traditional photographs. These XXL decorations are only suitable for larger rooms, so that they unfold their full effect and do not unnecessarily reduce the size of the room. It is also important that you do not get tired of the subject too quickly, because a wallpaper is not as easy to remove as a picture in the frame.

Moments of a relationship

And what about couple photos? Whether you want to distribute pictures from the time together in the whole apartment and want to share each guest immediately or not, is a matter of taste. A good alternative to pictures are photo books. Placed on the sideboard or a shelf, a high-quality photo book not only looks decorative, but also invites you to browse past moments with your partner. And this, without your love happiness immediately conspicuous eye-catching every visitor.

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