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Spas in Israel - for a moment of pure relaxation

Isreal: Wellness in a variety of forms
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Whether spa, natural spa or hotel spa: Israel offers many opportunities to enjoy wellness

Exploring a new country is exciting but at the same time exhausting. In Israel one encounters 3000 years of history combined with numerous sensory impressions: Wellness is a welcome and relaxing balance. Good that Israel also has a lot to offer here!

Whether you prefer to visit a spa, are a lover of the natural spa experience or, as an advocate of the classic, would prefer to pay a visit to the hotel spa: In Israel, you're in good hands because the country offers you versatile offer for every taste.

Shizen Spa Hotel

The Shizen Lifestyle Spa Resort, located on the picturesque beach of Herzliya Pituach, is a blend of refined luxury, tranquility and intimacy that has captured the unique spirit of the Far East. The unique concept of Shizen Spas aims to convey a sense of comfort and tranquility, making it the first of its kind in Isreal. The focus is on the small but fine details that make your stay a memorable one.

The Hot Springs World

The bathing place at Hamat Gader Feathers was found 1800 years ago by the Romans, who ruled Israel during that time. They discovered that the water, as it gushed out of the earth, was perfectly pure and clear, and that this should be a place that everyone should come to visit. Since then, the thermal mineral springs of Hamat Gader have attracted tourists and visitors from all over the world. Thanks to their many medicinal qualities, the water temperature throughout the year is constantly 42 degrees, which is why bathing in them is a soothing and relaxing benefit.

Health benefits that result from bathing in this water include the release of joint pain and pain in general, rejuvenation of the skin cells, speeding up the metabolism, dilating the blood vessels, lowering blood pressure and increasing the pulse etc.

In addition, Hamat Gader Feather holds large pools, stunning waterfalls, warming jacuzzi as well as unique chairs and cozy comfort beds ready for its visitors. Next to the pools are magic treatment rooms offering a wide range of pampering spa treatments.


Coola sees itself not as a spa, but rather as a place of joy for women, where they have the opportunity to go through an individual process. The importance of the psychological treatment of the mind is at the forefront and is considered an important part of going through a process of change for which good balance is a great necessity.

Coola is a place for women and therefore offers a range of special treatments such as prenatal massages, treatment of menstrual cramps and special treatments tailored to the needs of women with breast cancer.

Carmel Forest Spa Resort

In a world of stress and tension and the endless, endless race against time, it is important to escape this scenario as often as possible. An endless array of spa treatments at the CarmleForest Resort make total relaxation possible and pampering moments perfect. Enjoy the indoor and outdoor pools and learn a little about a healthy lifestyle, good night's sleep and complete peace and quiet.

The resort is located in the heart of the green vista of the Carmel Forest nature reserve. It is a little paradise and offers one of the best spas in the north of the country, if not in all of Israel. In addition to numerous spa treatments, guests enjoy a range of health and wellness workshops that are conducted by leading experts.

Cramim Spa

The spacious wellness center covers an area of ‚Äč‚Äčaround 2, 000 square meters. The spa includes twenty comfortable treatment rooms, including two double treatment rooms with whirlpool and panoramic windows. The spa also includes a Turkish hammam, saunas and a multi-purpose space for yoga, pilates and salsa. The treatment floor has a spacious waiting area where guests can enjoy relaxing music and freshly brewed tea.

The treatment repertoire consists of many body and facial treatments as well as beauty care. As a special highlight, a special wine therapy based on grapes is offered. The beauty salon connects to the spa and offers guests and visitors a variety of pampering beauty treatments.