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Tablecloth stamped with kitchen motifs

You need this:

Photo: deco & style
  • Foam rubber plate (craft shop)
  • small piece of solid cardboard
  • Glue stick (eg from Pritt)
  • Tablecloth in white
  • Fabric paint in light blue (eg from Kreul; craft shop; 20 ml approx. 2 Euro)
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • old newspapers
  • brush
  • Iron

It's that easy:

1. Draw desired motifs on sponge rubber and cut out.

2. Cut out a piece of solid cardboard a little bit larger than the foam rubber mold, stick foam rubber in the middle.

3. Place the tablecloth on a flat surface, underlay old newspapers.

4. Apply a thin coat of paint sponge evenly with paint, stamp.

5. After some stamped designs, clean the stamp thoroughly and dry, apply new paint. Allow all stamped motifs to dry thoroughly.

6. Fix fabric paint according to manufacturer's instructions by ironing from left.