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Sunglasses trends 2015 for every budget

Chiara Ferragni already has the Seventies look on her nose. More Sunglasses Trends 2015 we show you here ...
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  1. Sun in sight! The most beautiful models from 10 euros
  2. Sunglasses in nude and powder tones
  3. Seventies-look sunglasses
  4. Sunglasses with statement frame
  5. Sporty sunglasses
  6. Still Trend: Sunglasses with mirrored lenses

Sun in sight! The most beautiful models from 10 euros

It is THE accessory at all! Sunglasses do not make summer, but definitely a cool style! So, here you go: Here are the absolute must-haves of spring 2015 for every purse.

Sunglasses in nude and powder tones

Sunglasses have made themselves fit in soft tones for the 2015 trend season . And therefore they can handle all outfits and stylings and refine simple station wagon. Delicate nuances of nude tend to flatter the complexion, if you know which model is right for you: always choose a tone that is a shade lighter than the skin color. Warm peach tones look great with ivory-colored skin, and darker skin shines with pink shades. Delicately glossy materials additionally flatter.

Seventies-look sunglasses

Circular sunglasses play a crucial role this season. The John Lennon memory models in Seventies look especially people with angular faces and prominent cheekbones. The most beautiful models for immediate after-shopping we have already put together for you. And promised: This Sunglasses Trend 2015 starts in our imagination immediately the Flower Power Happy mode. Walking barefoot across a meadow, weaving colorful floral wreaths, yeah! ...

Sunglasses with statement frame

They show the edge - and the unmistakable: The new XXL Shades score with extravagantly shaped frames. And how do you wear such giant glasses? With self-confidence! Do not mess, but paddle, is the motto. Others think you look like puck, the housefly? They wear the same model at the latest in summer! For all fashionistas , a classic form is recommended, such as the fifties model. Is not as noticeable as the butterfly variant and is available to everyone.

Sporty sunglasses

Cheerful colors and excellent visibility: Not just fitness fans are crazy about that. Sunglasses in Sportstyle conquer the city-piste! Ultra-casual and compatible with almost any outfit: the aviator sunglasses. The Evergreen is also this season high in the course Also hip: the mono disc. The funky one-shades not only provide optimal protection against annoying UVB and UVA rays, they look great in rounded form to angular faces. Heart-shaped features give it contour. No-Go are the big variants for round faces because they look too massive.

Still Trend: Sunglasses with mirrored lenses

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what are the coolest sunglass trends in the country? Clearly: colorful mirrored Mirror Shades in all shapes and dazzling color. What was already a trend last year is coming to our nose again this summer. The fashion advantages of this sunglasses trend 2015 : colorful mirrored lenses bring color to the face. And nobody sees where you are looking.