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So you wear the new party looks!

The great style guide H / W 2011/12

Have you already made any resolutions for 2012? How about this: from now on, I always look great!

The perfect party look for every Figut type
Photo: Philipp Nemenz
Our JOY Models will show you how to realize your goal for the holidays - with trend outfits for every figure.

Tips for tall women

Type big

Large women often have the problem that dresses are too short and emphasize their lanky physique. This does not happen with our tricks! Cross stripes, dresses in black and white, which clearly subdivide the body and multicolored dresses are especially good for you.

In the gallery you will discover the appropriate styling tips for tall women (15 pictures).

We'll tell you how to put highlights and great long legs into the limelight. From the little black over colorful party dresses on the smoking style and glitter to the right Shape Wear, in the gallery you are guaranteed to find the matching styling for New Year's Eve.

Tips for women with wide hips

Type pear

You belong to the women with narrow shoulders and broad lower body? Then you have to be careful to balance their proportions.

We'll tell you how to perfectly conceal your problem areas (15 images).

Blazers with edgy shoulder pads are especially good for them. Draw attention to your upper body, for example with sparkling necklaces, stretched V-necklines or transparent cut outs. Be sure to wear bright tops and dark skirts or pants.

Tips for chubby women

Type chubby

Hot party outfits from size 44 are often hard to find. We show you how to style yourself with a fuller figure and have put together party dresses and noble robes.

Click through the gallery with tips for chubby women (15 pictures)!

Stretching lines or details that draw attention to a specific point make a little stronger women look slimmer. Curved cuts as well as a blazer or a jacket to the dress are real insider tips.

Tips for little women

Type small

With a height of just 1.60 m, some cuts may be too big. Nevertheless, small women do not have to fall back fashionably: smoking style for women and glittering glamor dresses are of course just as allowed here! We show you the most advantageous cuts for smaller women.

In the gallery you will find the styling tips for smaller women (15 pictures).

Important: Stretch uniform dresses. The optimal length of a dress should either be above or below the knee.

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