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With instructions: Make H kelm use yourself

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Great decoration idea

These cute crocheted mice could soon make your home too unsafe. Just follow our simple instructions and crochet on it!

That's what you need for the crocheted mice:

  • Anchor Artiste Baby Soft 50gFb each. 7901, 48, 123, 441
  • 2 ctrs each. AnchorSticktwistFb. 403
  • Crochet hook No. 1, 75
  • embroidery needle
  • fiberfill


follow up
arb = work
fM = fixed mesh (s)
Lm = air mesh (s)
M = mesh (s) =, R = row (s)
Rd = round (s) | Stb: chopsticks
Verdo = double (= 2 fM in a M)
wdh = repeat


dc. Replace the 1st fM of the R / Rd with 1 ch.
Close Rd by 1 Km.

Knitting tension:

35 M x 38 R = 10 x 10 cm (basic pattern).

It's that easy:

1. Lower part: follow in white 9 lm and in the basic pattern in R after the counting pattern weiterarb. The 1st fM in the 2nd lm from Hnd arb. 1 box = 1 f.M.

2. Side part (2x arb): Continue in white 7 ch and continue in the basic pattern according to the counting pattern.

3. Ear (2x arb): Connect 5 lm in light green and continue in the basic pattern according to the counting pattern. For the decrease of 2 M each 2 x 2 fM zusm. After the last R cut off the thread and connect with 1 Km in the last st of the 1st row. Crochet along the two lateral edges and the upper margin Krebs-M (total 23 M). The ears of the second mouse in light blue, the third mouse in pink.
Cancer mesh = fM from left to right. Cut in the next st to the right and make a loop. Pull these over the head of the R, as if crocheting back to the left. Place the thread normally around the needle and pull through both loops on the crochet hook.

4. Nose: In black (full-length) 4 ch followed by 1 km to the ring and continue in the basic pattern in round as follows: 1st round: 8 dc. 2nd round: every M verdo = 16 fM. 3rd round: 16 fm.

5th tail: In light green a 15 cm long cord arb. Cord: 2 ch, 1 dc in the 2nd st in off hands, turn 1 dc, while doing so, pierce the hips horizontally from right to left into the small ring, which is inferior to the one below, then use * 1 dc pierce the hands from right to left in the small ring formed by the pair of yarns of the M lying next to it *, from * to * always.

6. Completion: Sew the sides AB and BC of the side pieces together. Sew the sides of the lower part to the free sides of the side panels. Insert filling wadding on time and distribute well. Sew on the outer end of the tail at point C. Affix the lower side of the ears to the sides of the middle seam, 1 cm apart and 3.5 cm from the front tip. Sew nose on top.
In black (full-length) embroider the eyes with Knotchenstichen.

Done are the cute crocheted mice!

Here you will find the complete manual again as PDF for download!