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So eat your teeth nicely!

If you have healthy, white teeth, you have a good laugh ... What is important is what we eat.
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  1. Everything will be nice and healthy
  2. celery
  3. parsley
  4. raisins
  5. cheese
  6. yogurt
  7. Green tea
  9. strawberries
  10. salt
  11. baking powder
  12. lemon juice
  13. White wine
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Everything will be nice and healthy

If you could ask caries bacteria what they like best, they would answer: chocolate, candies, biscuits, cola - just everything that has a lot of sugar and is very sticky. That gives them food for their destructive work on our teeth . What they hate: everything that stimulates salivation. And that is why you can protect yourself - between brushing your teeth in the morning and in the evening - with the right diet to prevent tooth decay and periodontitis. Here are their favorite enemies to eat ...


It is best to eat a piece of celery every day: this promotes the formation of saliva and thus flushes out caries bacteria. At the same time, celery contains substances that neutralize acids and strengthen the sensitive enamel with minerals.


The classic among the kitchen herbs bursting with healthy chlorophyll, which strengthens the gums. In addition, abundant essential oils disinfect the tongue (where most of the decay bacteria sit) and thus provide fresh breath .


Sweet Dental Care - Raisins provide three well-studied plant compounds that fight tooth decay and periodontal bacteria. Episode: The pathogens can not commit themselves. A handful of raisins daily helps to prevent plaque.


At the end of a meal a piece of ripened cheese - this strengthens the enamel, according to a new study. Calcium and the trace element phosphate from the cheese seem to be stored directly in the enamel and thus have an immediate effect. Calcium and phosphate also neutralize acids from other foods.


The unsweetened nature variant is really active. Its lactic acid bacteria, so a Japanese study, kill putrefactive bacteria: bad breath, gingivitis and dental plaque go back significantly. 90 grams are sufficient daily.

Green tea

contains tannins that prevent tooth decay bacteria from adhering to the enamel. And the tea hardens the tooth enamel with lots of fluoride. Everyday two cups protect the teeth .


A critical look at supposedly proven home remedies shows that many things are not so good for dental health - and the whitening effect is also kept within narrow limits.


If you nibble the sweet fruits abundantly, they should lighten the teeth . But unfortunately not. For white teeth, it is better to take a proven toothpaste that does not damage the enamel. Strawberries contain a lot of fruit acid. And that attacks the enamel. In addition, the tiny dark seeds of strawberries can hurt sensitive gums.


Even a bad home remedy: brushing your teeth with salt is said to lighten, but that rubs off valuable enamel. Better: mouthwashes with a pinch of salt per glass of water can help with inflamed gums, because salt disinfects.

baking powder

Cleaning with baking soda also attacks the enamel. If this upper protective layer is too thin, the so-called dentin underneath becomes visible - and that's more yellow.

lemon juice

Anyone who wants to brush their teeth with white, removes calcium from the enamel - that softens it. In the long term serious damage threatens.

White wine

With its high acid content, white wine should dissolve dental plaque and thus lighten the teeth. German researchers advise against it: The acid from white wine actively dissolves calcium out of the enamel.

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"After the meal you should brush your teeth" - that's good. But at the earliest after 30 minutes: Then the saliva has neutralized the acid from food and drinks - the enamel is no longer softened, you scrub nothing away from it.

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