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Sweet paper house: cash nicely packed

Pretty packaging with a personal touch
Photo: deco & style

Now there's a bar!

The recipient will be absolutely thrilled when he discovers the valuable contents of the paper house! The packaging can be easily tinkered.

You need this:

  • template
  • computer
  • Printer A4
  • Printer paper A4
  • white edding with fine lace
  • 60 cm pink ribbon (3 €,
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • craft glue
  • cutter
  • triangle ruler


And that's how easy it is:

1. Print the template on A4 and cut out. Cut out window and door.

2. Place the original on the brown A4 paper and trace the outline and window sections with the pencil.

3. Cut out the house with windows and door.

4. Trace the window and door cutouts and ornaments with a white edding.

5. Fold the house to the given, dashed lines and stick together on the sides with craft glue. Leave the roof open.

6. Place coins and / or bills in the house and glue the roof to the ridge.

7. Put the ribbon around the house and tie it to the bow on the side of a sloping roof.

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