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Now out comes Snoopy

Snoopy is the sweet beagle of the comic series "The Peanuts".
Photo: youtube / PEANUTS

Is Snoopy really a dog?

The shock after the outing of cult figure Hello Kitty is still deep. But now comic dog Snoopy shows his true self.

Only yesterday it was announced that Hello Kitty is not a cat, but in fact a little girl in a costume! A big shock for us and many other fans of the Japanese cult figure. The reactions went from sheer horror to speechlessness to utter resignation. Some could not believe it. Even a destroyed worldview was mentioned! Now the next shock: Comes on Twitter now comic dog Snoopy ! Is not he a dog, maybe a cat in a dog costume?

But the fans of the sweet beagle can breathe easy. It was announced on the Peanuts Twitter account, "We can confirm that Snoopy is a dog."

What luck! We would not have coped with such a shock before the weekend. Let's hope that the next outing of a childhood hero will not follow soon. In the end, even a Pinocchio is no real boy!