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Pregnant is bullied for candid photos

For the first time, the pregnant woman feels well in her skin during the shoot.
Photo: Brittany Anne Dykstra

The Honest Body Project

"The Honest Body Project" shows pregnant women the way they really look. But this woman is just bullied by her friends!

Brittany Anne Dykstra is a very pregnant, overweight and model. The soon-to-be mother wants to show that although the pregnancy changes the body, it is no less beautiful. For this reason, she decides to participate in The Honest Body Project. Something wonderful happens during the shoot: for the first time since the pregnancy began, Brittany feels really beautiful.

Posted by Brittany Anne Dykstra on Tuesday, July 28, 2015

That's what Natalie McCain does. The photographer wants to encourage pregnant women to love their bodies the way they are. Most reactions are effusive - people worldwide are cheering on the honest campaign in the era of body shaming. But this is precisely what falls victim to Brittany Anne Dykstra. Because in her case, the project backfires. The pregnant woman is bullied for her honest photos.

Who is behind the bad comments, is incredible. Because not something strangers insult Brittany. As she proudly posts the results of the shoot on her private Facebook profile, it is her own friends and family members complaining about the photos!

"I'm 35 weeks pregnant and just last week.

Posted by The Honest Body Project on Thursday, July 30, 2015

Instead of support, the pregnant woman receives incredible comments about how huge she is and how difficult her baby would be in terms of her appearance. The hateful expressions of people she proudly wanted to show her pictures hurt Brittany. She can not believe being bullied by her own friends for the candid photos.

Posted by Brittany Anne Dykstra on Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Even the photographer McCain can not believe what Brittany had to go through after her shoot. So everything turns out well for the better: She posts the story of the courageous woman on her side. At last, the pregnant woman experiences the admiration she has earned for her courage and great pictures.

Mothers talk about their experiences, pregnant women also report being bullied and give their courage .

Sometimes the world seems to be upside down when friends turn their backs and strangers take over their jobs. But new companions are already waiting at the next corner, as Brittany was happily allowed to experience.

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