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Bedroom with workplace

Before, afterwards

Bedroom with workplace? This can be unusually beneficial when a room divider and warm colors come into play - see for yourself.

Clear conditions in the bedroom: A floor-to-ceiling room divider separates the sleeping and working area. The bed is in the center, the night reading can be found at hand in the compartments of the new partition of stacked, firmly screwed together kitchen cabinets. They are partially open to the bedroom and partly to the work area, their backs were clad with Tischlerplatte, papered and painted. Also in terms of color, the room is now set for relaxation with finely tuned vanilla tones. In the right light he is set by a large table lamp, for reading there's swivel LED lights with a moving head.

Concentrated on the essentials

Small but complete: The desk directly at the window offers space for laptop and writing utensils, and folders are stored in the shelves next to it. The workplace is flanked in the bedroom by the room divider kitchen elements and a wardrobe - both in bright tones, so you do not feel too tight. Tip: If the desk is directly in front of the heater, you should provide the worktop with ventilation slots.

Prima space conditions

The worktop goes over to the corner of the room, shelves use every inch of storage space. The proximity to the window guarantees good daylight conditions - and the best view.

Manufacturer: Bed "Melbu", approx. 280 euros, side table "Melbu", Ø 65 cm, approx. 50 euros, table lamp "Ljusas Ysby", approx. 70 euros, picture frames "Ribba", 23 x 23 cm, each approx. 8 Euro, wooden box "Mien", approx. 7 Euro, bed linen "Malou", curtain "Hedda Ruta", kitchen cabinets "Faktum": Ikea. Bedspread, Pillow: Souk. Carafe: Herzallerliebst. Wall color "S0520-Y10 R": Relius Coatings. LED wall lights "Chip-A": Decor Walther. Venetian blind "Lindmon", 155 x 120 cm, approx. 30 Euro, table lamp "Barometer" approx. 37 Euro: Ikea. Chair "Meridiana": Icarus. Carpeting: Jab Anstoetz carpets. Bag: Dearest. Bodenkorb, about 62 Euro: Eden Living. Cloth Heart: Souk. Laptop, about 1115 euros: Apple Center. Wall plug "Lack", 5 x 110 x 26 cm, approx. 10 Euro: Ikea. (As of: 12/2009)