Recommended, 2020

Editor'S Choice

Pumpkin pm

  • 1 stretcher approx. 20 x 30 cm (craft shop)
  • double-sided adhesive tape (z.

      From Tesa)
    • Wrapping paper in soft yellow
    • 1 movement (craft shop, eg by Knorr Prandell)
    • 2 pumpkin pictures (eg cut out of wrapping paper or color copy of a drawing)
    • 1 piece thin cardboard
    • All-purpose glue (eg from UHU)
    • scissors

    1. Provide the stretcher with double-sided adhesive tape and stick the yellow wrapping paper on it. Cut off excess paper down to a small margin and fold over the rest to the back and glue.

    2. Cut a small hole in the middle of the stretcher for the movement.

    3. Remove the clock hands according to the manufacturer's instructions, glue the movement behind the frame and refit the hands at the front.

    4. Stick small pumpkin pictures on the cardboard and fix them with superglue at the pointer tips.