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Unraveling chains has never been so easy!

Knotted chains will kill you regularly? Then you do not know this trick yet ...
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Sounds crazy - but helps: oil loosens knots in the chain

Knots in the chain regularly drive you nuts? So far, because we know the trick of unraveling jewelry. Everything you need? A needle, some oil and this video.

If fine gold or silver chains are not stored properly, they can knot. It is difficult to untangle the chains and even tear them apart.

But this trick helps against knotted chains : Put the necklace in oil for a few hours (normal salad oil is enough). Then you can carefully loosen the knots using a darning needle. Then wash the chain thoroughly in soapy water and remove oil. And always keep chains separate and with locks on for prevention. How it works, this video shows ...

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