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SchicksalsstoryPaar gets to know Tinder and then realizes that ...

True love sometimes takes strange paths. As with Cathleen Cavin and Brian Herrera.

This couple met at Tinder
Photo: Cathleen Cavin

In 2014 single-mom Cathleen thinks about taking a cat. She and her daughter drive to a shelter and opt for a sibling pair of baby cats. After much back and forth, they can only record a cat. The kittens are separated.

"It was so hard to choose a cat, " says Cathleen. Although the little cat Ozzy makes the family really happy, Cathleen still often thinks of the cat they had to leave behind.

Die Katzen sind wieder vereint
Ozzy and his brother are reunited
Photo: Cathleen Cavin

In the summer of 2016, Cathleen meets a man through Tinder. He is also a single dad. They get along immediately and arrange a date. After the date, they drive to Brian's house to end the evening. And then the surprise: Brian's cat does not just look like cat Ozzy, it's actually his brother Cathleen had to leave behind in the shelter.

Since then, not only Cathleen and Brian are an inseparable couple. Even the cat brothers are reunited and happier than ever before.

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