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Rihanna: Lesbian Affair with Chelsea Handler?

Soulmates or more: Rihanna answers to lesbian rumors

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While everyone is wondering if Chris Brown would like to re-bandage with Rihanna, the singer is now surrounded by quite different and much more explosive rumors. Recently, it was rumored that she had a passionate affair with talk-masterin and TV comedian Chelsea Handler, after her clear intentions had been revealed. When she visited the singer on the show, the open-hearted blonde never made a secret Having made their sexual lust and in the past rappers had offered 50 cents public sex, it should have sparked. It is said that the two women are now writing very clear text messages and want to go on a sexy date as soon as Rihanna is back in the US.Rihanna responds by Twitter on the rumors of lesbians, but makes it even more curiousRihanna, even on their holiday photos on Facebook the other day showed that she is by no means averse to lesbian fiddling, now responding to the rumor without denying or confirming it. She responded to a fan's Twitter request by stating that Chelsea Handler was her soulmate. Oh, that's what Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson used to mean, right? But Chelsea and Rihanna would be a much hotter couple, what do you think?