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Renesmee from Breaking Dawn - Part 2 was initially a robot

In "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" Renesmee was first played by a doll

Mackenzie Foy

Who is afraid of Renesmee? Apparently all on the set of ""! But not because of the sweet that plays the child of Edward and Bella in the last "" movie, but because of a robot. "Entertainment Weekly" reported that the role of Renesmee was first played by a mechanical doll. On the set, the baby dummy of all just called "Chuckesmee": So the connection between Renesmee and "Chucky, the killer doll". For those who do not know Chucky, she's a pretty scary doll from the eponymous horror movie that kills people. And the comparison actually says it all! Also, the look and automatic movements of his movie kid obviously found so creepy that he just called it "that robot baby". As a father, you should not say that about your own children! and he certainly had a hard time playing the horror baby's loving parents. It was only later that Mackenzie Foy got the role of Well, thank goodness Director Bill Condon managed to locate the not-so-scary but very enchanting Mackenzie Foy for the role of Renesmee. In retrospect, the director says: "It was a horror show! Chuckesmee was a big mistake in every way. "Bill Condon continues to tell the American magazine, " Seriously, it was one of the most grotesque things I've ever seen. " Nevertheless, he does not want to deprive us of the scenes with "Chuckesmee" - they will be shown on the bonus material of the DVD. ML