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Irritable bladder - what to do? Warming cure helps!

What works best against a bladder? Warmth!
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The irritable bladder is a widespread affliction. Especially women often suffer from irritable bladder. The cause - often unknown. Heat should help.

Sitting too long on a cold bench or stones? And the day after, the bubble is already coming on? If you react quickly now, you can calm the irritating bladder before it comes to a bad inflammation . Naturopaths advise everyone to an "inner heat cure".

In the case of an irritable bladder, the first thing to do is to warm your feet. Because these are connected via a reflex arc with the mucous membranes. Warm feet ensure that the mucous membranes are well supplied with blood and can better resist pathogens. In addition, red-light irradiation helps the abdomen and sacrum. Just eat and drink for a week. And get warm with a stimulating bladder !

Irritable bladder - what is it?

An irritable bladder is not a disease. The term merely describes that the bladder too often sends the signal to Urinlassen - even at night. A normal bladder holds about 400 ml of fluid, a stimulus bladder sends the signal "full" already at about 200 ml.

An irritable bladder is not to be confused with a bladder weakness. Every fifth woman suffers from it.

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